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Ezy Strip Tile & Flooring Removal When stripping a bathroom the vanities, toilets and shower screens etc. need to be removed first., We won't need a plumber to remove any of these items. Next all of your wall tiles and tile glue need to be removed. Some cement render might be removed with the tiles if it's loose or "live". However all care is taken to leave it intact as much as possible. We use only precision chippers with a large range of chisel extensions for every job.

The floor tiles and screed, which is usually around 5cm thick, will then be removed back to the "rough" concrete slab. Click Here to see a PRE SCREEDED bathroom floor on a cement house pad one day after pouring. The reason you have a screed is so the tile installer can take his time and get a nice slight angle down to the drain so your water drains easily and doesn't pool.

In some instances when the tile installer requests it, floor tiles and mosaic tiles can be removed and the screed left in place.


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