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Ezy Strip Tile & Flooring Removal are tile removal specialists. We are able to remove any tiled surface with skill and precision.

We use state-of-the-art jackhammers with 4 inch custom made blades and attachments to remove your floor tiles. It is very important to use the correct angles and the right tools to remove tiles otherwise you run the risk of damaging your sub-floor.

We use high speed walk behind floor grinders, connected to superior "M" Class vacuums, for superior dust control to remove the tile glue residue that's left behind. This smoothes your concrete floor pad and leaves you with your original surface.

Because different concrete floor pads require different grinders, we come equipped for all types of floors. Beware of a "One Size Fits All' approach.

For removing all traces and glue, Ezy Strip uses hand grinders for all edges and corners. This provides maximum protection from damage. When we leave your site all traces of the previous floor will be gone, leaving you with a surface ready and waiting for your new floor.

The skills we have acquired over many years and tens of thousands of square meters of tile removal cannot be easily replicated.

With our competitive rates you'll find with Ezy Strip you will get more for less.

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