Our guide for you for safe stripping in the home!

No mistake should be made, tile and flooring removal can be noisy and dusty but if you read through and follow these hints it was make life a whole lot easier for you and us.

Here are some handy hints to help you minimise dust & damage in your home.

  • Remove any furniture from the flooring area for easy access.
  • Dishwashers and fridges will need to be moved or removed from the area being stripped.
  • Remove any electronic equipment from the immediate area.
  • Take down all of your ornaments and pictures that may be affected by dust.
  • Empty out the contents of cupboards that have tiles on the inside e.g., pantry or linen cupboard as dust can get in and among these items.
  • For optimal operation of our electric industrial dust extraction system, make sure all window dead locks in the area being stripped are unlocked and doors can be opened.
  • Smoke alarms may need to be covered as dust can set these off.
  • If required, isolate the areas in your home by using disposable plastic sheets in doorways this keeps any airborne dust in the area being stripped. Please click here to view examples.
  • For ease of access to the stripping area, make sure you allow access to and from the outside for the removal of the rubbish and waste.
  • When skirting boards are sitting on top of tiles that are to be removed it is highly recommended that these skirting boards are removed to avoid any damage to them or the paint above them.
  • As floor preparations are somewhat noisy it is advisable, more so in a unit or townhouse to let your neighbors know when work will be commencing.
  • Meter/Power box must be left unlocked.
  • Evaporative or water cooled air cons can greatly assist the removal of dust at this pushes fresh air out of windows and doors (keep all windows and doors shut where you don't want the dust to exit) this type of air conditioning creates a positive pressure on rooms that have a vent and a door that can be closed, preventing dust from entering.
  • Any floors that are being stripped that butt up against existing floors that are remaining (especially timber) must have ply or carpet laid and duct taped in place to prevent any scratches from occurring.
    This is particularly important directly outside of any bathroom/laundry/toilet that is being stripped.
  • Have all required vehicles in garage and on driveway moved prior to arrival to our arrival.
  • Please read our Disclaimer.

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